Our expert sales system is totally focused on the HO.RE.CA sector, making us capable of acting in a fast and professional way that allows us to offer the most efficient and suitable answer to each and every demand.

Being a leading group in this sector means being present at the most important national and international fish auctions, where we select the best product bargaining over prices to get the most competitive ones. We can make that a fish captured at midnight can be tasted by our customers 12 hours later.

Thanks to the location of our operations centre and to our important transport fleet, we can easily get everywhere directly and quickly. We can provide the precise and effective answer needed by the restoration sector.

Reception of orders is organized by a professional team all day long in order to provide our customers a suitable answer to their requests in an efficient and personalized way. We know that immediacy in our response is the best demonstration of our competence and the quality of our service.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE: Every day, following our customers’ preferences, we select one by one all products requested in order to reach our main goal: “BEING TRUSTWORTHY”.

  • Our commercial team, highly experienced, is always looking after the particular needs of each of our customers.
  • Requested products are provided as previously agreed with our customers and accomplishing the maximum standards of quality.
  • The strict compliance with the current health and hygienic legislation ensures the optimal quality of all the products provided. 
  • The most important thing: we offer the best quality-price-service relationship.