Semi-preserved products

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We sell a wide range of semi-preserved cephalopods.

Biological nature of cephalopods makes them prone to a possible dehydration. However, thanks to the last preserving techniques along with the effect of brine and a proper cooling, we get to provide a durability of more than 10 days, without any loss of quality, flavor or texture. This way, we can offer a high quality product with all the characteristics of a fresh product but with a longer shelf life.

All range of cephalopods is presented cleaned, gutted or in its own ink, with all possible varieties of a whole/fractioned product, according to the existing necessities.

Main semi-preserved products:
•    Whole clean cuttlefish 
•    Giant Squid stripes
•    Whole clean Squid
•    Whole Squid
•    Clean Squid Tube 
•    Clean Giant Squid Tube
•    Squid rings and Giant Squid rings
•    Giant squid tentacles 
•    Squid tentacles