The start date of Grupo Videla goes back to 1949, right when Mr. Eugenio Videla Chouza began to sell and distribute sea products, focusing basically on the restoration sector.

Right from the beggining, the company stood up among the others for its quality product and costumer’s service: two constant values that have remained live all over these 70 years.

In order to develop our comercial activity properly, Grupo Videla offers a high quality service, supervising all raw materials directly. In this sense, the product is controlled directly in its place of origin, including numerous local, national and international fishing ports.

Therefore, we also check each and every one of the tasks performed in different manufacturing and processing plants.


Central Headquarters

(Edificio Unifrisa)
C/ Transversal 2, nº 12-14
Mercabarna E-08040
Tel.: +34 93 262 69 40
Fax: +34 93 263 21 71


C/ Vall d'Aran, nº 27
E-08820 El Prat de
Llobregat (Barcelona)
Tel.: +34 93 370 84 11
Fax: +34 93 370 91 48


C/ Transversal 2, nº 14
Mercabarna E-08040
Tel.: +34 93 262 69 45
Fax: +34 93 262 69 55